LOWCELL H protective polypropylene(PP)foam sheet

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Lowcell H is a supercritical SCF non-crosslinked extruded foamed polypropylene(PP) or Polyethylene(PE) board with independent bubble structure.1.3 times foaming rate, density is 0.6-0.67g/cm3. It is made by CO extrusion and has a special three-layer structure. The upper and lower surface layers are blue or green solid polypropylene(PP) or Polyethylene(PE), and the surface pressed leather lines have the effect of skid resistance. The middle layer is black low expanded foam, it not only has good cushioning and protection during impact, but also has high hardness and compressive performance.

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Where is suitable for this kind of board?

It is mainly used for wall protection in the decoration of homes, offices, shopping malls, stadiums and gymnasiums, as well as the wall protection of dust-free workshops in factories. Because of its good physical properties, it can be reused for many times, and it is more convenient to fold and recycle after crimping on the board. Due to the waterproof, acid and alkali resistance of the material, it will not be affected by moisture and corrosion, which is convenient for cleaning and reuse. It can also be used for anti-static treatment, so that the surface is not easy to be contaminated with dust, etc. The surface resistance value is 9-11 power of 10. The products are mainly sold in China and exported to Japan.

What is the conventional packing of this kind of board?

The conventional specifications are 900 * 1800 * 1.5mm and 910 * 1820 * 1.5mm (910 * 455mm after crimping and folding). The conventional packaging is to wrap 10 boards with kraft paper.One fumigated wooden pallet with 50 packs.the size of each pallet is 970 * 1860 * 1020mm, net weight is about 980kg, gross weight is about 1020kg. The minimum order quantity is 1000 sheets.

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