LOWCELL polypropylene (PP) foam board blister trays

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Lowcell is a supercritical non crosslinked continuous extruded foamed polypropylene board with closed cell and independent bubble structure.The foaming rate is 3 times, and density is 0.4-0.45g/cm3.The thickness specification 3-5mm, different thickness for selection. Compared with the traditional solid polyethylene blister tray, it has many obvious advantages.

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What are the advantages?

Firstly, the cost of the PP foam board is close to that of traditional polyethylene solid board, and there will be no pressure of cost increase. However, the quality of thermoforming will be greatly improved, which can almost reach the level of ABS board. Because of its excellent melt viscosity after foaming, it is not easy to break bubbles when blistering and blowing, the thickness of the board is uniform, it is easier to form, and the processing defect rate is greatly reduced. Of course, the processing conditions of the material, such as heating temperature and time, will be slightly different from those of traditional solid polyethylene board, and need to be reset. In addition, due to the foaming principle of the foaming material, when the material surface is scratched with sharp objects, the bubble structure on the surface has excellent elasticity, which will only produce depression and will not drop debris like the traditional solid plastic board. Products with high requirements for packaging cleanliness are most suitable, such as metal castings such as automobile engine and gearbox. The conventional color is black. You can also customize various colors and metallic or fluorescent colors. The maximum width can reach 1300mm, and the length is unlimited from 2000 to 3000mm. Conventional packaging is to pack several sheets with plastic film before palletizing.

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