LOWCELL polypropylene(PP) foam sheet material box assembled by fasteners

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Material boxes are commonly used in factories.Mostly use polypropylene(PP)foam sheet(expanded 2 times) as Material box. Harder than 3 times foamed board.Because the sheet is closed cell foam extrusion,so it is not easy to accumulate ash.The material box made of polypropylene(PP) foam sheet will be lighter.This is its advantage.The connecting fastener used in the material box was designed by our company.At present, the fastener is more suitable for board with a thickness of 4-5mm, the most used thickness for making material boxes.Our polypropylene(PP) foam sheet can make many kinds of boxes.

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Why use polypropylene(PP) foam board as material box?

The material box is suitable for various industries and occasions with a wide range of applications.It can be used to store food, with convenient cleaning, convenient parts turnover, neat stacking and easy management.Reasonable design, excellent quality. It is applicable to transportation, distribution, storage, circulation and processing in factory logistics.If you choose polypropylene(PP) foam board as material box.Light weight to meet the requirements of box weight.Good strength to deal with the damage when falling.According to the maximum load requirement of the box, choose different thickness of the board.Polypropylene material is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.Heat insulation, sound insulation,machinability,low temperature resistance, resilience, etc. are very good.It can be made into not only a material box, but also a material box with a cover.

Why use the fasteners to assembled the material box?

The material box can be made by various processing methods.For example, electrode welding, Hot melt welding,fix with nails, etc.The technical requirements of electrode welding are relatively high.But the polypropylene(PP) foam sheet material box assembled by our fasteners is relatively simple to operate.Only need to order the foam sheets and fasteners, which can be assembled by yourselves.It can also save labor cost and shipping rates.As assembled boxes are easily damaged during transportation, we usually sell only polypropylene(PP) foam boards not finished products.

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