LOWCELL polypropylene(PP) foamed folders

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Folders are widely used in work.They are basically office supplies that every company will use. Many paper materials need to be archived. The floder can help classify different documents. Using folders to classify different documents can make your documents neat. It can also help you quickly find the information you need. Improve work efficiency.Folders are also various. It is usually used to store A4 size paper documents.But you can make choices according to different needs. Customize different sizes and different number of inner pages.

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What kind of polypropylene(PP) foam board is used as a folder?

Most folders are made of 1.3 times foamed boards. Some customers also like to use 2 times the material. The thickness is mostly 2.5mm or 3mm.The weight of polypropylene(PP) foam board is relatively light, which can reduce the light of the folder. The strength of PP foam board is also very good, so that the folder is not so easy to damage. The foamed boards for folders can be customized in various colors. Bright or light colors are all acceptable. The surface texture of the board has frosted or vertical stripes. It is the choice of most customers at present. If you want other surface textures, you can also ask. We also have other surface textures to choose from.The folder surface can also be printed with company logo or required words. And we can directly produce the size you want. It is convenient for you to process it into folders. If necessary, we can provide a variety of folder style pictures for reference.

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