LOWCELL H protective polypropylene(PP)foam back board

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Lowcell H is a supercritical non crosslinked extruded foamed polypropylene(PP) board with closed cell and independent bubble structure. 1.3 times of foaming ratio, density 0.6-0.67g/cm3, thickness 1.0-1.2mm. It has a special three-layer structure made by coextrusion in die head cavity.The upper and lower surface layers are solid polypropylene(PP), and the surface is pressed with frosted lines, which is not easy to be scratched. The middle layer is black and low foaming, which not only takes into account the lightness, but also has high hardness and cushioning.

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What is the function of the protective back board?

The protective back board for household or commercial air conditioners can protect the machine from impact damage, moisture and pollution, and is convenient for cleaning. At the same time, the temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance of PP material will also protect the machine from thermal deformation and corrosion. This product is mainly used by Toshiba and other Japanese air conditioning brands.

What about the packaging of the protective back board?

The conventional specifications are 235 * 973 * 1mm and 235 * 1273 * 1mm. Conventional packaging is to wrap a package with plastic film first, and then hit a wooden fumigation pallet. The size of the board is 235 * 973 * 1.0mm, each pallet size is 1000 * 1000 * 1000mm, net weight is about 520kg, gross weight is about 600kg. The size of the board is 235 * 1273 * 1.0mm, each pallet size is 1000 * 1300 * 1000mm, net weight is about 680kg, gross weight is about 780kg. The minimum order quantity of the two models is 2500 pieces each.

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