LOWCELL Protective backing board of liquid crystal glass

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Lowcell is a supercritical non crosslinked continuous extruded foamed polypropylene board with closed cell and independent bubble structure. The foaming rate is 3 times, the density is 0.35-0.45g/cm3, and the thickness specification varies from 3mm、 5mm and 10mm according to the application occasion. It can be used as the core material and surface protective backing board of multi-layer composite buffer material for high demand packaging pallets of liquid crystal glass semi-finished products and finished products.

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What is the advantage of foamed polypropylene (PP) board as protective board?

Polypropylene (PP) foam board is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also can ensure good cushioning while reducing the overall packaging weight, so as to play an adequate safety protection role for fragile glass materials. Its moderate foaming ratio brings various superior physical properties, which can not only ensure its sufficient strength and load-bearing requirements, but also have excellent cushioning and shockproof performance. It does not fade or chip off. Because of its excellent waterproof, mildew proof, corrosion resistance, it is easy to clean. Its service life can reach at least 3-4 years, and it is also very convenient to replace. This kind of material is the best packaging material commonly recognized by well-known LCD glass enterprises all over the world. Lowcell has been able to replace the world's leading Japanese similar materials. At present, it is widely used by industry-leading enterprises such as Corning in the United States, Asahi Glass in Japan, Samsung in Korea and CAIHONG in China. Conventional colors are blue and green, and other colors can be customized. The maximum width is 1300mm and the length is 2000-3000mm, which can meet the packaging size requirements of various generations of glass products. Conventional packaging is to pack several sheets with plastic film before palletizing.

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