LOWCELL T polypropylene(PP) foam borad for 5G radome

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Lowcell T is a supercritical non crosslinked continuous extruded foamed polypropylene board with closed cell and independent bubble structure. The foaming rate is 2 times.The density 0.45-0.5g/cm3 and thickness is 1mm. At the same time, our boards also have different thicknesses of 1-10mm to choose from. It is the best choice of inner core material for the new 5g communication radome to reduce weight and cost. While reducing the weight of radome and material and transportation cost, polypropylene has its own low dielectric constant and does not affect the transmission of communication signal.

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What are the advantages of using PP foam board?

As the inner core material of radome, the general surface can be thermoplastic board reinforced by thermal composite fiber, which does not need any adhesive such as glue, so it is environmentally friendly and solid. At the same time, its excellent bending modulus can maintain the rigidity and flatness of the radome; Its excellent impact strength can protect the radome from damage; Its raw material polypropylene has high temperature resistance, which can ensure that it is not easy to deform in outdoor high temperature environment; Its good low temperature resistance can improve its strength that is not easy to become brittle in low temperature environment. In addition, polypropylene material has excellent natural characteristics such as waterproof, mildew proof and corrosion resistance.

What kind of board can be customized?

The conventional color is white, and various colors and metallic or fluorescent colors can be customized. The maximum width can reach 1500mm and the length is 2000-3000mm. Conventional packaging is to pack several sheets with plastic film before palletizing.

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