Brief introduction of PP foam board

PP foam board, also known as polypropylene (PP) foam board, is made of polypropylene (PP) by carbon dioxide gas. Its density is controlled in 0.10-0.70 g / cm3, thickness is 1 mm-20 mm. It has excellent thermal stability (the maximum use temperature is 120%) and dimensional stability of products under high temperature, suitable and smooth surface, excellent microwave adaptability, degradability and excellent processability.

Properties of PP foam board

Excellent heat resistance. Foamed PS is usually used at 80 ℃, foamed PE can only withstand 70-80 ℃, while foamed PP can withstand 120 ℃. Its compressive strength is lower than that of hard PUR and foamed PS, but higher than that of Soft PUR. Remarkable heat insulation, good resilience, and high impact energy absorption.

PP foam board application

Ipsum Dolor for PP foam board

The use of foamed PP is very extensive. It has been applied from small to large to the hull. Foamed PP can play an important role in packaging, automobile, high-speed railway, aerospace, construction and other fields by its excellent heat resistance, sanitation, heat insulation and good environmental effect.

Sample requirements

The client shall provide:

1. The client shall provide sample information (company name, Department, recipient name, contact number) by mail

2. Use and special requirements of the board (for different purposes, select different types of materials for sending samples)

3. The quantity, foaming ratio, color, thickness x length x width of the required plate

The cost of sample express delivery or logistics shall be borne by the customer

A large number of samples will be charged a sample fee

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